Office of the Provost

Recent Appointments by the Provost

Phame Camarena, Ph.D.
Dean of William Conroy Honors College

Tim Ketelaar, Ph.D.
Acting Dean of William Conroy Honors College

Sherry Kollmann, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Digital Learning Initiatives

Judith Flores Carmona, Ph.D.
Interim Director of Chicano Programs

Kimberly York, MA
Interim Director of Black Programs

Christopher Brown, Ph.D.
Faculty Fellow for Beyond Borders Community of Practice

David Ortiz, Ph.D.
Faculty Fellow for Center for Latin American and Border Studies

Coronavirus (COVID 19) Information

NMSU READY: A systemwide return-to-campus plan

Town Hall Information

Upcoming Town Hall: Thursday, July 9, 3:00pm

An archive of previous Town Halls can be found here.